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Trek for Hero Causes, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to Honor our Heroes and promote Equine Assisted Therapies as it relates to PTSD, TBI and Physical Disabilities. 


The service to our country and communities can often come with life changing sacrifices that are made by our Heroes.  We don’t believe our Heroes should have to suffer alone and without adequate support and help.

We believe Equine Assisted Therapy/Psychotherapy is an effective form of treatment for many of our heroes.  Our Mission includes educating the public and our heroes about the benefits of Equine Assisted Therapies.  We promote stables (providers) who offer qualified programs, specially designed to meet our hero’s needs.  


We seek to assist in expanding these services making them accessible to all of our heroes, and to make certain that it comes at no cost when insurances will not cover the therapy. 


We further believe that the best therapy horse is a rescued horse and seek to encourage partnership between therapy stables and quality rescues. 


We believe the day of the working horse is not behind us but still very much a part of our history and our future.  We therefore honor the horse by recognizing those horses who work by serving mankind in the capacity of a police, search and rescue, special therapy horses and Trek horses.  We will look for the Hero Horse among our equine partners.


We leave our Heroes with the sincere and heartfelt message that we at Trek for Hero Causes, Inc. has your back.  You are not alone in your battle.

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