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Xena - Trek Hero Horse



Xena - Trinity Rescue and Equine                           

Sanctuary Has a Hero Horse In the House


On April 13, 2019 – Because Xena offers so much hope, and shows such great compassion for mankind, we have chosen her as Trek for Hero Causes, Inc.’s very first Hero Horse.  This Honorary Title of Hero Horse is one that will be given to horses that work for our mankind and when we think of these horses we think of Police Horses; Search and Rescue Horses and Trek Horses. 


But Xena has proven herself in ways that we cannot put a value on.  She is the face of Trinity Horse Rescue.  Her small little package has helped with their fund-raising activities and she is performing Therapy work.

Xena came to the rescue at 2 days old suffering from Carpal valgus with tendon laxity.  This caused her limbs to be diformed and required surgery at University of Georgia where she continues to have to visit anually to track her progress.  Inspite of her start she not only works as Goodwill Ambassedor for Trinity Rescue but she has a book written about her.

Local author and volunteer at the rescue Marcia Johnson, featured her in a true-life story about Xena which was recently released.  Xena will continue to bring joy to the hearts of men and heal the souls of all she comes in contact with.  We are honored to recognize this tiny little angel with our first Hero Horse recognition.   Xena will forever be our know a our First Trek Hero Horse.  No other horse can share that title with her.

There can only be one "first" but we are certain to see many other Hero Horse in the Future.


At two days old Xena is picked up and brought to Trinity Rescue in Cherokee County GA.  Xena managed to pull herself up to standing inspite of her deformities right after birth.  She showed the world her determination from the start.


After her surgeries she was just like any other mini and decided to give back to the human kind that helpped her by becomming a Therapy Horse and Goodwill Ambassedor for the Trinity organization.


Xena honors a hero in true Trek Hero Horse Fashion.

trinity rescue Xena honor.png

Founder of Trek for Hero Causes, Inc., Peg Steele presents to Xena her Trek Hero Horse honors on April 13, 2019

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