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Who are Our Heroes?

Our heroes are our Veterans, Active Military, Police, Fire, EMS Workers, Corrections Officers and 911 Operators.  Our Heroes are modest individuals who don't necessarily agree with the idea of being considered a hero.  But anyone who runs in the direction of the shooting when everyone else is running away; anyone who runs into the  burning building when everyone else is running out; these are heroes. 


The men and woman who leave their homes and families to keep our country safe.  When they are shot at, bombed, when the inoccent looking child is just as dangerous as the adult enemy.   When the letter they carry in their pockets won't get mailed unless they are dead and the picture they look at each day is a constant reminder of what they have left.  For us they do this.   These are Heroes.  

Those people who hear the screams over the phone for help and can only imagine what could be going on at the other end of the phone as the caller pleads for help.  These are Heroes.  Those who see one tragety after another, keeps us alive when we are just minutes from death; retrieves our limbs, helps our children, holds our hands when we can't make it; these are heroes.

When the job that offers us our safety; comfort and freedoms.  The job that helps to ensure for us a future and dreams leaves them with nightmares and loss of hope.  These are our heroes.  Now let us have your backs.

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